Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Oil

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHerbivore is one of those brands people have mixed feelings about, and for good reason. There have been issues in the past with mold and products spoiling prematurely which is a legitimate cause for hesitation, especially given how expensive their products can be.I have no comments to make regarding the products with mold and preservation issues because I have never purchased/used them, but I understand the sentiments of those who have. Personally, I love Herbivore but not without critical analysis of their behaviors. I have been openly critical regarding the marketing tactics surrounding Emerald Oil in the past. Herbivore has for the most part eased up on the goofy 4/20 Kush Blaze Green Goddess nonsense with marketing Emerald, so my asshole can unclench a bit while writing this review.

Herbivore makes some of the best facial oils around, and Emerald “Deep Moisture Glow Oil” is no exception. I will go as far to say this is my favorite of what I own and my most used oil. I will not bore you with a reiteration of every ingredient because I assume you can read, but this is a hemp-based product which is worthy of calling out. Hemp oil is full of Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, so it works well on reducing redness and inflammation while also healing. There have been many times where I reached for this oil to soothe irritation from over exfoliation or redness from a break out.

One of the issues I had with how Herbivore marketed Emerald is the confusion brought on by using language associated with recreational marijuana for a product that is produced with Hemp which is not under federal regulations. Hemp oil is NOT psychoactive. Hemp is derived from the male marijuana plant and any trace amounts of THC present are so minimal it would have no effect. The psychoactive properties of marijuana come from the flower buds produced on the female plant in the form of crystalized THC which can also coat other plant materials and be used for those big 4/20 moods.

This oil has been perfect for my semi-sensitive skin. Some might find this hard to believe given that Fractionated Coconut Oil is the second ingredient. Supposedly, fractionated coconut oil is less comedogenic than unrefined coconut oil because the long chain fatty acids have been removed. From personal experience, I have had no reaction to Emerald’s form of coconut oil but have had a bad reaction to Glossier’s Haloscope which utilizes a non-fractionated coconut oil.

There is no added fragrance in Emerald, or really any fragrance for that matter. The scent is mild and earthy, like any other hemp oil product I’ve used. This is another quality that makes me, and my skin, love this product so much.

Emerald feels heavier compared to Phoenix or Orchid. It feels fatty but not greasy if that makes any sense. I use it only at night because it takes some time for it to feel fully absorbed into my skin. Just three drops are what I need to cover my face. I have made it about halfway through the full-size bottle after buying when it was first released, so I am quite impressed with the use to price ratio.

I love this as part of my night routine because I wake up with noticeably refreshed and plump skin. One of my favorite combinations with Emerald is to apply a few drops mixed into my COSRX Honey Overnight Mask. I have no need for a nighttime moisturizer because this combo is seriously hydrating.

Emerald is now a staple in my routine, and I plan on making a repurchase when I run out. I am glad Herbivore has eased up on their corny choice in marketing from first release because this product does nota need (or deserve) to be hyped up in a tasteless way given how well it works. We get it, weed is magical, but let Emerald and its super soothing quality speak for itself.




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