Fur You Oil Review



*This product was gifted by the brand, but all opinions are my own.

*Since posting I am now a Fur Affiliate. You can get 15% off with code MARINA at discount. I make a small commission from this link and appreciate your purchase! 

I love a little bush in my life, and my bush loves a little Fur Oil.

I have had my eyes on Fur Oil for quite some time, so when they agreed to collab I was beyond thrilled to finally test this product out. My beauty routine is always changing as I discover what my body and skin works well with, but an oil dedicated to my coochie??? My interest is thoroughly piqued…

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the bare porn star pussy look. Not going to bore you with my thoughts on that, so let’s just leave it with the fact I have plenty of fuzz to work with when I tried out this product. I have been really lazy and cheap when it comes to maintaining my personal pants topiary, but also don’t trust many of the products out there dedicated to perfuming my coochie up like a bouquet of roses. Never had a wax and barely regular shaving because I cannot stand the aftermath of serious grooming. My skin is sensitive to begin with so I’ve avoided putting any products around there that aren’t plain unscented lotion which hardly helps.

Here comes Fur Oil, specifically intended to be used on pubic hair but it can be applied anywhere on the body where hair grows and faces some form of irritation. Some quick call outs about the product. It’s vegan, gluten free, and dermatologically and gynecologically tested. The formula is loaded with favs like jojoba and grape seed oil to nourish the skin and hair. In addition to moisturizing, the formula incorporates the many benefits of tea tree oil and clary sage oil by keeping pores clear and free of excess sebum and reducing inflammation caused by shaving.

So the formula sounds killer, but does it work? Oh hell fucking yeah.


I have plenty of other body oils for my legs and arms, so I specifically tested Fur Oil on my pubes and bikini line.

Within the first day I knew this was going to be a new favorite in my beauty routine.

What is so incredible about this product is I noticed pretty much immediately a difference in the look and feel of my bikini line and pubic hair. Red bumps from shaving were soothed and significantly diminished. I see less ingrown hairs each time I shave, and any irritation that pops up fades away quickly after application. My hair itself feels so silky soft. Extra soft coochie is a real luxury treat y’all.

The oil is so hydrating and absorbs quickly. The one thing I hated about using ye olde plain lotion is the unforgiving greasy build up. Nothing ruins my mood more than sticky underpants on a hot day. With Fur Oil I only need about three or four healthy drops and then I’m done.


My overall rating for this product is a solid 10/10. The formula is incredible and safe for use where intended. I love supporting ethically sound brands as well, but most importantly this shit WORKS.

All around this is an incredible product and a must have for someone who enjoys a natural look and wants to add an extra grooming step for healthy, soft, and happy pubes. This is a product I never knew I needed until I gave it a shot and now I’m converting to the Fur life for good.

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