A Little Life Update

I just wanted to hop on and give a quick update since I haven’t written anything other than beauty reviews in awhile.

I’ve been out of school on my summer break for about a month now. Emotionally, this year was a lot better for me but it was full of plenty of ups and downs to deal with. Losing my cat during the middle of the semester was such a low for me. I’ve been working really hard on keeping my mental health in tact and all of that work is paying off. I passed all my classes for spring and had relatively few issues otherwise.

Still trying to wrap my brain around the fact I’ll be entering my third and final year of law school in two months. I don’t know why undergrad felt like it took so long to get through while law school is just flying by. Whatever, I’ll take it because I can’t wait for this educational hell to be over.

Right now I’m working my internship in San Francisco with a tenant rights organization. I spend about 4 hours a day commuting on top of a full 8 hour day, so needless to say I am thoroughly exhausted during the week. The work has been engaging and enjoyable, so it makes up for the daily trek.  Unfortunately I don’t have much time for my creative pursuits which is okay because once the school semester starts up again I’m going to have my days free once more. Like, crazy free because I’m going to take all night classes.

I have one real vacation lined up for the end of the month. So excited to actually get out of California! Stas and I will be heading out to China and South Korea for about a week, so stay tuned for those adventures!

Speaking of adventures with Stas, we’re still working on our wedding plans but there’s no rush since the wedding is still well over a year out. We’ve secured a venue, figured out the guest list, and color theme.  The rest has to wait until the date gets closer because it’s still over a year away. I will forever be happy that we had such a long engagement because I would lose my mind if I had to plan a whole wedding in my third year of law school on top of Bar prep.

Okay, well that’s really all I have going right now. Trying to keep myself motivated and creative during this busy summer.

Love yah!


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