Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara Review

For those of you unfamiliar with my makeup taste I have stated many times that I adore the way the original Milk Makeup Kush Mascara makes my lashes look, but I hate the limited wear time because it always results in serious smudging. Milk Makeup must have heard me shit talking because when they released the waterproof formula I thought my makeup prayers had been personally answered.

All the lift and volume of the OG Kush but waterproof? I didn’t even wait for this to come in stock at my local Sephora. I bought it the day it released online and patiently waited for a mascara formula I had been longing for.

When my package arrived, I dove in immediately. Kush WP had all the same aspects of the OG I loved. The lift and volume was incredible, I looked like a total doll with big fluffy lashes.

Once the mascara dried I gave my eyes a quick rub and was pleased to see there was indeed no smudging! I even took a nap in it (one of my personal tests of sturdy makeup since I am prone to daytime sleepiness, especially during the school semester) and woke up without any signs of wear. I was truly ready to commit to this as my new go to luxury mascara, but my adoration was short lived…

While this formula smudges less than the original, I still wind up with raccoon dark circles forming on my lower lid after a few hours of wear. No matter how many different ways I angle the brush I manage to get enough product on to rub off and mix with my under eye concealer into a sad grey paste. I’ve even noticed some rub off on my top lash line while wearing this, and god forbid I have a shaky hand while applying. This stuff is easily spread everywhere I don’t want it, like my whole eyelid and brow bone.

It’s definitely better than OG Kush, but still sucks in comparison to my other mascaras, some of which have no smudge proofing… that’s really disappointing.

This mascara, and the OG, have so much potential, but the Kush branding requiring hemp oil as an ingredient is killing them! I believe the issues with smudge and poor wear life stem from having an oil in a product meant for eyes which is the last place I want excess lubrication. I guess this would work on someone who isn’t prone to greasy lids, but I’m not that blessed.

If the Kush 4/20 Blaze It is a must at least use part of a cannabis plant that is sticky??? Resin?? Kief?? Hello????

Can I wear this on my top lash and wear another on the bottom? Sure, that evades the biggest cause of smudge, but it defeats the purpose for me because I’m not dedicated to products that add more time to my routine by requiring a switcheroo. I don’t have the patience to open two tubes of mascara when I know I can get the look and wear life that I want with just one. Two tubes doesn’t solve the issue of potential smudging on my top lash line either. I don’t feel like I can win with this product, and believe me I WANT to love it.

Overall, I love the look but I cannot fully vibe with this hemp oil formula and commit myself to loving this mascara. For $24 and the claims it has, it should seriously be performing better. I know there are waterproof and smudge proof mascaras on the market that perform better for much much less.

2.8/5 — points for lift, volume, fluff factor but loses points for smudging and messiness. Unless you’re a brand loyalist with dry lids, this is one to skip.


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