Billie Razor Review

I didn’t think there would be a razor out there that would make me look forward to shaving as much as my Bille razor does.

Yeah you read that right. I actually enjoy spending precious unrecoverable minutes of my mortal life shearing off hair from half of my body, and it’s all because I found the right razor to do so.

I’ve tried many types of razor blades over the years and have been met with nothing but large missed spots, ingrown hairs, and disdain for the act. I’ve used the cheap-o 2 blade disposables, the pink taxed Venus, and even men’s razors, but the shave was never that good. I could only shave my shins because my thigh hair was too much for these shitty razors to handle and I would be riddled with unsightly bumps and pimples. I don’t even want to think about the war zone that was my bikini line…


Billie emphasizes the differences between a razor meant for shaving one’s face and half of one’s body. There are more curves that need to be hugged, more hair that needs to be cut, and more skin that needs to be hydrated.

With this razor I have the smoothest shave I’ve ever had. So smooth that I get excited about an activity I used to see as a grueling chore. I’ve seen a significant decrease in the amount of ingrown hairs I develop everywhere that I shave. The razor is designed for the closest shave I’ve ever experienced. I can actually go longer in between my leg shaving days because of this.

Oh, and this is the cheapest razor I’ve ever bought with the best results. A whopping $9 for the first order which includes the razor body, magnetic shower holder, 2 heads. The 5 blade razor head is encased in hydrating charcoal soap for added moisture while shaving. The magnetic holder is awesome because it keeps the razor upright to dry off and prevent premature dulling. I also went ahead and bought their $9 bottle of shaving cream which I’m also going to recommend because damn does it leave me smoother than freshly waxed linoleum.

Replacement heads can be ordered monthy/bimonthly, just depends on how often you shave/thickness of your hair. I have fairly thin body hair and I shave my legs, pits, and bikini about 2-3 times a week. I’m only now getting into my first replacement order after receiving the first set in February.

I’m giving this a 10/10. I highly recommend giving Billie a try if you’re sick of store bought razors.



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