Milk Makeup Kush Balm & Gloss Review

I am a serious stickler when it comes to lip balms. With sensitive skin I am prone to chapping and dermatitis. I am also allergic to beeswax, which makes finding inexpensive quality lip balms a near impossible feat. I’ve conceded to dropping fat stacks on luxury lip balms just to keep my lips happy, and I’m okay with that as long as the product delivers.

When I saw that Milk was coming out with two new lip products in their Kush line, I knew I would have to try them out. Tacky weed marketing and it’s a lip product? You know I can’t resist.

I cannot deny how beneficial hemp oil can be in skincare, especially for lips, but it is hard to impress these sensitive lips.


Kush Lip Balm

This balm comes in a sleek tube with a magnetic cap which is great if you’re someone like me who has 4 lip balms floating in void within my bag. Nothing ruins a day more than a lip balm cap coming loose and picking up every single crumb and dust mite in my purse. So packaging is a big win for me, but the balm itself is… subpar.

Upon opening the tube I am greeted with a sweet minty smell from the chartreuse colored balm. Get it? It’s because it has hemp in it… haha.. weed.

Juvenile design aside, the minty flavor is not subtle as the website claims. Mint is a natural astringent that helps tighten the skin to prevent moisture loss, but if you aren’t a fan of the flavor or smell I would sit this one out. Personally, I enjoy the mint and found this balm to be very soothing on my permanently chapped lips. The formula uses jojoba and olive oil as well as hemp oil for full on moisture.

Now for the downside of the Green Dragon (yes that’s its name).

I was mildly offended at the amount of product this bulky packaging contains. This might be the smallest amount of lip balm I’ve ever owned for a luxury price. It didn’t take long for me to work through a significant amount of the product. In fact, after a week of primary use I had used up half of the product.

To be fair, this was during my vacation in the hills of San Diego where it is arid as hell. Hypothetically, if I had tested this while still up North I may not have needed to apply it as often, but then it would still have only been useful during the cooler winter months. I would give Milk the benefit of the doubt that it was just so dry and my lips needed extra protection, but I have never used so much lip product before in such a short amount of time in any environment. This leads me to believe the formula is not quality enough to actually hydrate and protect my lips long term.

In sum, Milk Makeup is out here charging $16 for a hemp derived lip balm that has so little product in it that my chapped lips managed to work through half of it in a week. So not only is their marketing campaign absolutely banal, the product has the lifespan of a fruit fly. Unfortunate how much waste is created by how little product it actually contains. Will mostly likely repurpose this tube with a homemade balm once it’s finished because it would be a shame to throw out the best part, the packaging.


Kush Lip Glaze

This is just the same formula as the balm with just a little more fluid to allow it be squeezed out of the tube. This makes it easy to wear over lipstick for a glossy sheen. I think because it is a little more glossy than balmy I can get away with using less. Still has similar hydrating effects, and overall I enjoy this formula.

In my opinion this is the better of the two products by far. For only $2 more there is a significantly large amount of product (0.45 fluid oz v. 0.1 oz). The metal applicator tip delivers an instant cooling effect which is also present in the balm formula itself.

The only real problem I have is the product name is Chronic. I’m being incredibly picky here, but I have a serious problem with using drug addiction language in attempts to normalize cannabis. How on earth are we to convince the masses that cannabis is beneficial when we incorporate all the propaganda taboos that surround it.

I was not completely won over by this either the balm or glaze. Don’t think I will be investing money to replace these once I’ve finished. The gloss is cute, but not any better than some of the other products I have in my collection.



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