Beauty Bio “R45 The Reversal 3-Phase Retinol Booster System” Review

I was gifted the “R45 The Reversal 3-Phase Retinol Booster System” by the lovely Beauty Bio team, and now that we are officially done with the challenge I wanted to review my experience with this product and let more people know about the wonders of Retinol.

What is Retinol, and Why Do I Need It?

Retinol is comprised of Vitamin A and delivers noticeable improvement to common aging concerns such as dullness and wrinkles. It is also known to improve acne and in my case significantly reduced the size of a mole on my nose!

Basically, applying a topical retinol sends skin cells natural reproduction cycle into maximum over drive by rapidly replacing old with new. The downside to retinol and the reason many people stop using it is because the sped up skin growth causes what we in the skincare community lovingly refer to as The Purge. 

Yes, it is as pleasant as it sounds. No matter the skin type, every person who regularly applies retinol will go through a lengthy period of purging the sebum and skin cells that build up in the pores. Retinol can also cause dryness with flaking skin and redness, but all of that irritation is worth the result.

If you’re someone in your 20s and interested in starting a retinol regimen, I highly suggest you start low and slow because, as with all actives, your skin will become immune to the effects the with longterm use. With my other retinol product I try to use twice to three times a week for results, but R45 was a whole other animal.

R45 The Reversal Experience

This trio of retinol are meant to be used everyday in 15 day increments in order to build up on the power of the previous one. Phase 2 is 50% stronger than Phase 1 and Phase 3 is 100% stronger than Phase 1. This system is to be used once a year for 20 somethings or twice a year if 30+.

Personally, as a 24 year old with fairly clear skin, this was a little intense for me. A week into Phase 1 I was incredibly broken out in places I had never seen a bump before in my life. I decided to make this an every other treatment after Phase 1 because of the intense break outs and because I didn’t want my skin to become too accustom to retinol. I stopped seeing large break outs and dryness but did not stop seeing improvement!

My over all complexion is more even and honestly I am glowing. I had some subtle redness in my cheeks that is mostly gone. This product was safe enough to use around my eye area and those annoying eye bags seem less prominent.  There’s some scarring on my nose from where I have aggressively picked my skin, and I’ve noticed that has begun to reduce in noticeability. One red spot I’ve had on my cheek for months finally began to recede. I even saw reduction in the raised birthmark I have on my nose!

I would happily recommend this product to anyone looking to refresh their skin for any number of reasons. I’m a bit of a bad example because most of what I saw corrected is too small for me to truly capture on film, but I swear that investing in a solid retinol product is worth the time and money.

Pre Challenge
Post Challenge

You can sort of see my beauty mark on my nose in these. I know the angle is different but trust me. I can barely see that thing out of my periphery now and my fiance (who rarely notices these details) says its smaller.


  • Do skip other actives when using retinol to avoid stressing your skin.
  • Always use a retinol product that has a yellow color to it, otherwise it may not be strong enough.
  • Use in combination with a micro-needler, like GloPRO, for fuller absorption of product.
  • Do keep using until the purge ends. This length can vary depending on the strength of the product, but you won’t see improvement if you quit early.
  • Keep moisturized to avoid dryness.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid damage.

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