It’s a Dumb Rant About the President!

I may not be a great master of logic and mathematics, but when the President of the United States makes comments like these about the media reporting his criticisms,


And then his supporters openly spit beliefs like this,

Concerns Trump is Inciting Violence Towards Journalists


Then why was his reaction to the most recent mass shooting, against a room full of journalists….. This?

“This attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief. Journalists, like all Americansshould be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. To the families of the victims, there are no words to express our sorrow for your loss. Horrible, horrible event, horrible thing happened.”

This feels like gas-lighting. Except he’s not a shitty ex boyfriend, he’s the president of a whole fucking country and then some, who says whatever the fuck he wants, and somehow he and all of his supporters refuse to see how those actions have real world consequences.

Trump has realized he made a little oops in consistently… almost daily… accusing journalists who oppose his policies as utter enemies and must now put out another fire that is burning down his poll numbers with a fury.

Alright I’ll be fair. I have not read anything that suggests Jarrod Ramos is a Trump voter or sympathizer, but he does look like an NPC Trump Supporter in the next GTA game.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 1.42.30 PM
That is Neo Appalachian Nazi facial hair and you cannot convince me otherwise. YOU THOUGHT IT TOO.

From what I can gather, Mr. Ramos believed, for the last seven or so years, that members of the Gazette team had defamed him in a story regarding his criminal charges in 2011. The man even filed a lawsuit, but still could not come to terms that maybe he was wrong when a circuit court judge dismissed the case for…. lack of evidence.

I can’t imagine where he got the idea to shoot people dead when they disagree and disrespect him.

Related image
Oh wait….

Listen, you can continue to tut tut on your moral liberal high horse about how we need to keep civility in our dissent, but people are dying. How dare you sit with a thumb up your ass and lick shit crusted shoes while this country collapses in on itself from centuries of abuse. I’m tired of these Holocaust comparisons where people ask,  “how long will we wait until people die in camps,” HELLO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!

Children are being shot in their schools.

People are Dying.

Employees are being shot at their work.

People are Dying.

Black folks are shot by the cops during routine traffic stops.

People are Dying.

Trans women are being shot, making the community’s life expectancy 35.


It should absolutely NOT be normal for a government to fail its citizens in the ways America always has. There is no coincidence because there is a clear majority of people who are at the top of the social ladder and we can trace their ascent through history! That’s why you learn history!!!!

How do I explain to right wing voters that their conservatism is just selfish and lacking all empathy and compassion that so many claim to have from their faith in Christ? How do we unravel generations of anti communist propaganda that makes these people believe that if your taxes are used to pay for your health care and schooling and not… global imperialism… you will… still have money left over to enjoy? You should… care about other people?

Y’all are still with me right.

Right, so this is all fascism now is where this tangent is going. The attacks on journalists, the othering of asylum seekers, and oh THE LITERAL FUCKING NAZIS all point to 21st Century Fascism. And what do Fascists do best?

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 2.19.14 PM

I don’t think Trump has the best interest of his voters in mind, which is why his baseless attacks at anyone who disagrees with him are so dangerous. When that hatred of criticism is taken into the hands of people who will resort to violence, we cannot wait for the horrors of our forefathers to return. It is grossly irresponsible to continue to allow these ideologies of hatred and violence to have political power.

So to the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers out there who want “civility”, why don’t you do your jobs to stop a man who is clearly inciting violence from his supporters. Try being real leaders for a change instead of playing safe to protect your ego.


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