Recent Photos From the ‘Gram To Remind Myself To Make More Art

I finally decided it was time to just pay for photoshop and get into photography like I had always dreamed of. After a few experiments I realized I was totally zoned out and consumed in playing with the detail of colors and perception. With how stressed out I have been due to finals looming overhead, sometimes it is hard for me to find actual peace from the chaos in my brain. So I’m just going to go ahead and post some of the recent work I’ve done, just to keep me motivated to make more and post it up.

IMG_1574brasil 2

Other events in my life are currently suffering with this writing final and figuring out my summer plans. I have an internship lined up and am also signed up for two classes. Might as well get the units out of the way for cheap in the summer. I am ready for this semester to end. brasil 3brasil 1

The weather is still a little weird. It’s been off and on cold and hot. My plants really don’t like it because the house has been so cold this winter and they could really use the sun to keep growing. It feels like everything is at a standstill and just idling until summer. How many times will I come back to how badly I want summer? A hundred maybe more. I finally get to move out of Santa Cruz. I feel bittersweet, but maybe that’s just because I’m afraid to leave this place I’ve become so familiar to. I need this move though. So do my plants they could use a little less Northern California beach weather. baby staghornbaby calathea

Tomorrow night I’m going to make a nice fancy dinner for myself since I haven’t had a fun night in the kitchen in a long time. I’ll let y’all know whatever I wind up making on instagram first and maybe eventually a blog post later.

Night loves!


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