Stressful But Successful

The fumigation is finally over.

That was a very disruptive start to my week. I would not recommend commuting from San Francisco to San Jose during rush hour for any reason. On top of that I had to cart all of my plants and my cats with me. That was a production in itself, but my fiance and I made it through the week. Our house is reorganized, common areas are cleaned, and we’re going to get all of our laundry done in the weekend. Surprisingly doing very well for such a hectic beginning of the week.

Due to the looming fumigation I’ve been holding off on buying and propagating plants because every pot in my house needed to get moved out and carted away. I have about 30 right now, and they barely fit in my SUV, so I’m happy I held off for the month. That being said, I need the therapeutic benefits of playing in the dirt with my plants old and new.

After the fumigation I went to the good old Home Depot on the hunt for a few replacements of the unfortunate seedlings who did not survive the gloomy end of winter… and maybe a new one. Trust me on this.

First on the list, and my current favorite, Maiden Hair Fern. One of the most notoriously sensitive ferns, I cannot help but love them. My first maiden hair fern grew so large with so many healthy happy fronds. I had very few issues keeping it alive, but when I was gone during winter vacation it wasn’t taken care of properly and shriveled away. Honestly, I’ll admit I was heart broken because that was one of my first plants in my current collection. I picked up a second one that was not as lovely as my first and struggled in the places I had my previous fern live.  It died shortly after I went on vacation in March.

I bought two this time so in case they begin to turn I can experiment more to find the best conditions in my house because I don’t think I will ever find such a manageable maiden hair like the first. Modern horticulture tragedy.

Maiden hair 2

I also picked up a Snow Bush, another really bratty plant. I haven’t kept a single one alive for more than a week and yet I can’t stop myself from buying them when I see them. Picking up some peat moss tomorrow for the snow bush and my other ferns to help keep the moisture in. One of my crotons also croaked. I’m not entirely sure what the issue was, but I’m hoping a refreshing soil change will help keep the new one alive.

Also joining in this purchase is a glorious Birds Nest Fern. I was introduced to this plant by my mom who has one at her house nestled lovingly in the bathroom. The leaves are magical and I am so happy I was able to pick one up. I am doing the most to ensure this one stays alive. Since ferns generally struggle in my house I’ve made sure to bring them into my bathroom when I shower so they can hang out in the steam. Under no circumstances will I allow this fern to die, it is just too beautiful. Birds nest fern

I’m going to try to blog more now that this stressful bump in the road is over. March was all over the place for me with vacation and the fumigation, so I’m happy to have my schedule back to normal. Finals are fast approaching, and I need the balance between preparing for the end of the semester and having a little bit of fun while decompressing.



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