Banishing A Witch’s Curse

It’s been an exhausting week to say the least.

A quick summary of events, my car was broken into and both my purse and wallet were stolen. The glimmer of hope I had when realizing my license had not been taken was quickly snuffed when it fell out of my pocket while walking the day after. I then had to spend what felt like an eternity in the DMV slowly developing hemorrhoids from the hard unforgiving plastic chairs. It had just become so comical at this point, I would honestly believe a witch put a curse on me.

And after sitting for hours to get a small piece of paper that says I can drive my car, I made a joke to my friend about whatever bad energy is following me probably grabbed a new host in the DMV because that is where the evil lives…

…and then a head on collision immediately happened in front of me and ironically the DMV.

At this point I’m not saying it’s a witch, but maybe it is a witch.

My fiance’s mother confirmed after listening to the week’s events and my dreams that we are definitely dealing with a case of the evil eye. A very big deal apparently. Her remedy: pour cold water onto my head over soil for a week straight. My fiance has to do the pouring. He looked a little too eager about this task.

Spooky coincidences aside, dumping water is a nice symbolic gesture to “wash away” the evil, but most of this weeks problems were ultimately self inflicted. I was the one who left my purse in the car with my wallet knowing full well it is a bad idea. I was the one who took my license out in a coat pocket instead of immediately repurchasing a wallet. Guess who didn’t eat a single meal before heading into the DMV for a four hour wait. I can blame witches all I want but it doesn’t change the fact I was pretty dumb this week.

It is important to recognize how our own behaviors and choices make the most impact. Blaming what happened on the universe, witches, bad luck is a bit of a cop out to avoid my own responsibility. However, I can’t beat myself up and dig myself deeper into a pit of self loathing.  I cannot undo anything that has been done this week, but I know not to second guess my instincts or else I may have to replace another window and literally all my documents proving I exist.

A lot more of my life is in my control than I sometimes let myself think. With school I have been incredibly stressed and exhausted and not feeling like myself at all. I have to keep track of my mood and make sure I’m not getting into never ending loops of negative thoughts and behaviors. Life may suck, but I don’t need to let it suck the life out of me.

Constructive self care is crucial during times like these because I am already feeling a little bit low from the stress of school. My diet has been slipping because I don’t feel like I have time during the week to really cook. I’m on top of my skincare, but I don’t wear make up and often dress in the bare minimum of socially acceptable clothing. I feel sad, but dressing up and having enough to eat during the day can boost my mood, but that’s up to me to make it happen!

The rain has been a bit of a damper with some of the projects I want to do, so I’m happy it’s clearing up at the beginning of the new week so I can work in a little sunshine before it comes back. I have two end tables I’m going to paint this beautiful deep yellow, but they need to be outside because I’m using spray paint. I picked up another long trough like pot that I can use for vegetables and herbs, but this weather snapped to cold so fast all my outdoor plants have been very unhappy. Other fun activities I want to work into the week are regularly turning over the soil in pots to keep the plants happy and taking trimmings and starting my own baby plants.

I figure if after the time change and spring break if I’m not in a better mental health space when dealing with stressful situations I’m going to go for the more traditional route in seeking therapy options. Sometimes you need professional help and I’m in a place right now where a little extra boost won’t do any harm. I know next year I will definitely be investing in a Happy Lamp to help with symptoms of seasonal depression because apparently when you get older you die slowly inside without enough sunshine!!!! Will not be subjecting myself to that again.

Anyway! Headed off to the gym because I have neglected steady exercise for the last two months and I know I need to stop being whiney about it and just sweat out the evil eye. Can’t get that summer body without the effort.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday babes!


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